Dr. Yaofeng Hu

Dr. Hu was born and educated in Shanghai, China. Dr. Hu graduated from the prestigious Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medical and earned Doctor of Acupuncture (PhD) from South Baylo University in Los Angeles. Since 1987, he has practiced acupuncture and tui-na with a focus on sports medicine in both Shanghai hospitals and in Santa Monica. Dr. Hu quickly became known as an expert who combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine.

In 1998, Dr. Hu moved to Los Angeles, California and began his own practice in Santa Monica. He has built his reputation among patients and now works with many renowned orthopedic groups and pain management doctors in the West side.

His work and professional integrity have earned respect of numerous prominent surgeons and physicians. Many of his patients are referrals from renowned orthopedic and spinal surgery groups. In fact, Dr. Hu has helped many professional athletes including National Olympic team and NBA players.